Aerial Relaxation and Yoga Nidra 11:11 , Amsterdam

On this highly energetic date, 11.11, we will host a two hours Aerial Relaxation and Nidra session in which we will guide you through different soothing practices. It will be a special occasion for you to tune into yourself and connect deeper with your emotions.
We will start with a short circle to get to know each other and share our energies of the moment, and after a few simple postures inside the hammock, accompanied by the melody of the harmonium in the background, we will flow into a super relaxing yoga nidra.
*YOGA NIDRA: the “Yogic sleep” it’s a relaxing practice in which the student just lie in shavasana (in this case inside the hammock, which will create a gentle feeling of being weightless) and mentally follow the voice of the guide. An inner journey through the body, the breath and some visualization. After the practice you will feel recharged and in balance. Just let yourself go and enjoy!
*Samantha, yoga teacher and Bhakti yoga explorer, will offer a melodic background with the harmonium to open your hearts during the preparation in the hammock, and will lead you into a deep state of relaxation with her voice during the yoga nidra.
*Guendalina, teacher of Yin & Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Aerial Therapy. “In the softness of the hammock I found my dance to lightness and joy”. She will share this slow, sensory practice with you as an invitation to feel supported and held by the fabric.
LOCATION: Studio Veerkracht, Amsterdam
For info and to book your spot contact us via whatsapp:
+39 3275563095
+31 615391433
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